FirstMate Protect

Enhance your device’s defence with Ultra Matte, where cutting-edge technology meets aesthetic perfection. This high-performance, matte surface-coated aliphatic polyurethane film is meticulously crafted to guard screens and other vulnerable surfaces against scratches and impacts. 

Its superior elongation properties make it a dream to apply, even on the most complex, curved surfaces. Ultra Matte doesn’t just protect, it enhances your viewing experience by significantly reducing glare from both indoor and outdoor lighting. 

CAVIUS – Smoke Alarm

Red Dot Design Award winner. IF design award winner. CAVIUS 10 year smoke alarm is the world’s smallest Photoelectric smoke alarm. Designed for installation in private homes and approved for Recreational Vehicles (RV) such as camping trailers, mobile homes and caravans
  • Danish by Design
  • Aesthetically pleasing/world’s smallest smoke alarm
  • High quality components and manufacturing
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